Model 21 False Eyelashes
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Model 21 False Eyelashes
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False Eyelashes also known as Fake Eyelashes by Model 21 Eyelashes.

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FAQ excerpt...
Q: Why are there so many Model 21 Eyelashes sold in the old orange box, black box or in paper sheets?
A: In Vietnam, when false eyelashes are made & inspected, if the lash DOES NOT meet our quality control & consistency standards, they are either sold to the secondary market as irregulars or discarded in the garbage.  These are sub-par, low quality & irregulars.  Normally in the US, a clothing manufacture would mark these items "irregular" & sell them to discount whole sellers, sell at outlet stores or dis-guard to garbage.  In Vietnam many people buy these "irregular" lashes or simply steal the garbage, re-package these lashes in counterfeit Model 21 Eyelashes boxes & resell them at dozens of flee markets in Vietnam.  Vietnamese Expats travel to Vietnam, purchase Model 21 Eyelashes in counterfeit & discontinued packaging for personal use & for resell in the US, Canada & Australia.  In 2012, Model 21 Eyelashes specifically redesigned our logo & packaging to help identify those who are counterfeiting dis-guarded, sub-par lashes in Model 21 Eyelashes discontinued packaging.  Our new white plastic tray with a clear plastic cover & packaging cost much more to produce, which deters the counterfeiters from copying.

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