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Here's the DEAL, you can stop browsing for the best false eyelashes right now... Why? 
Because Model 21 Eyelashes produce eyelashes that look natural including real mink lashes brought directly to you at wholesale eyelashes prices and at 10 pairs per box eyelashes, quality lashes at a value that can't be beaten.  100% handmade, Model 21 Lashes are the best fake lashes priced at bulk eyelashes pricing.  These best false lashes are Guaranteed to be the most comfortable best fake eyelashes you ever wear or 115% money back.
Double Up Lashes
Who are #M21Lashes good for?
Great for beginners because you get 10 pairs to practice till you get it on right.
Beautiful for wedding for the whole entire bridal party. 
Fantastic for prom and save the rest for summer parties.

Why are @M21Lashes so good? Because...
M21Lashes are 100% handcrafted individually for the best fake eyelashes that look natural and feel natural.  Not to mention they are insanely comfortable to wear all day and night. If you are purchasing your false lashes from a drugstore or stores like Ulta, you're wasting your hard earned cash.  M21Lashes is the best brand false eyelashes for beginners, makeup artists even if you have sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers...  Now, what makes falsies good you may ask?  After over a decade of making strip lashes with thousands of customer feedback, we have found the following 5 top qualities that make a great pair of lashes in order from top concern.

  1. Flexible and pliable strip band which makes it easy to put on.
  2. Thin strip band in most cases (monolid eyes can benefit from thicker strip bands from our Double Up styles)
  3. Quality lash fibers that do not rip off during application.
  4. Durable, reusable from 2-5 times.
  5. The right size for your eyes without having to trim.
Model 21 Eyelash box lashes come with 10 pairs of quality lashes Guarantees your Happiness or 115% Money Back.  FREE box of false eyelashes with FREE shipping.  When you purchase 4 or more boxes of lashes, you'll receive 1 box eyelashes for FREE including shipping or Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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