Beauty on the inside is your most important beauty secret, but there is nothing wrong with doing your best for the outside too! Most would be interested in enhancing what they naturally have. Read on to find out how. If you want a home-made exfoliator, mix together some brown sugar, lemon juice, honey and little bit of olive oil. If you rub this mix over your skin, the sugar will act as the exfoliator while the other ingredients smooth out, moisturize, and soothe your skin. Sometimes you have to meet with people right after you have had a good cry. There is no need for them to know. Place a cold washcloth over your eyes to stop them from being red and puffy. If you feel the washcloth is getting warmer, place it in cold water and repeat the process. Epsom salts are a great beauty tool. There are many health benefits to using epsom salts, including its use as a laxative and a sore muscle reliever. You can also mix it with lavender to create a topical paste. This mixture can then be applied onto your problem areas. Leave it on overnight. You will have better skin by morning. If your face has a lot of dry skin, you should visit a beautician for specialized moisturizing treatment to your face. This will help smooth the appearance of your skin because it eliminates any dead skin cells laying around. Vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts help to restore your skin's moisture level and increase your skin's elasticity. Do you want nice, thick eyelashes? Try eyelash extensions. These look great on brides and at other formal occasions. By adding eyelash extensions, your eyes can be opened up, which will provide you with a more youthful appearance. This can give you more confidence for a night on the town. Beauty does not have to cost a fortune. Even though it could be tempting to buy some fancy facial serum, you should know that the $10-20 version is probably just as good. It is important to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes regularly. Makeup brushes accumulate bacteria and germs as you use them. Not cleaning it will cause rashes and other skin illnesses. Your make-up removal wipes should be kept in the location that you store your make-up. People in the beauty industry use makeup remover pads if they mess up. It is easy to fix your mistakes just like professionals without spending lots of money. Removal wipes should always be on hand. Be sure to keep a clean makeup brush and some face powder in your desk drawer at work for a quick touch up before going out with work mates. Highlight your cheekbones just by applying a small amount of shimmer powder on the apples of your cheeks. Many people would like to improve their outward appearance. Concentrate on playing up your assets rather than hiding your flaws. This article can help you do a little of both. When you use the hints laid out here, your natural beauty blossoms. More beauty advice on our Model 21 False Eyelashes Tips blog site.

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