• glamorous false eyelashes model 21How do I remove the false eyelashes from the packaging?  Gently & slowly pull the lashes from the baseline up & off the packaging.

  • Are Model 21 False Eyelashes reusable?  Yes.

  • How many times can I reuse Model 21 False Eyelashes?  Depending on your care, most users can expect 3-5 use.

  • What if the lashes are too long?   Simply cut off the excess outer ends of the strip lashes to desire length.

  • What do I do with the glue that accumulates on my used eyelashes?  Gently pull off excess glue prior to your next use.

  • How do I get my natural eyelashes to adhere to the false lashes?  You can use any mascara on both eyelashes to get them to adhere to each other but we recommend clear mascara to avoid clumps that regular mascara can leave behind.

  • What kind of false eyelash adhesive can I use?  You can use any eyelash adhesive but we prefer dark color adhesive. The white adhesive, even the ones that dry clear will at times be visible. Dark eyelash glue can easily be covered by eyeliner or eye shadow.

  • How long can I continuously wear my fake eyelashes?  Depending on your personal tolerance but most people can wear eyelashes all day/night and remove the eyelashes before bedtime.

  • What if the false eyelashes partially detach from the ends?  Carefully dab a little adhesive to the inside/under baseline of the false eyelash and apply a little pressure to re-attach (this is where the dark color glue comes in handy because touch up will be easy & invisible) or you can remove the lash completely and re-apply.

  • My Credit Card Was Charged but I have No Order / My Credit Card was charged multiple times.  The charge you see is not a charge unless you have received a confirmation email from Model 21 Eyelashes with an order number.  What has shown to be deducted from your account is an AUTHORIZATION and or a HOLD.  Your bank card will hold or deduct this amount & wait for Model 21 Eyelashes to send a final confirmation also known as "Settlement".  Since you did not receive a confirmation email with an order number from Model 21 Eyelashes then there will be NO Settlement and NO Confirmation sent to your bank card by us.  This means that the amount on HOLD will be released within 24-48 business hours.  Some bank card companies may place a hold for up to 5 business days.  Model 21 does NOT have control over this process & CAN NOT expedite the release.  Your credit card company along with bankcard rules & regulations controls this process.
    Wikipedia also has an explanation on this subject here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Authorization_hold
  • How Long Will International Orders take?  International Orders are shipped via USPS 1st Class Mail.  Delivery time is approximately 15-20 Business Days.  We offer faster shipping alternatives, if you would like to receive your package sooner please select the appropriate shipping method during checkout.  USPS will only calculate shipping for 3 or more boxes, therefore the minimum for international shipping is 3 boxes of lashes.
  • Why are there so many Model 21 Eyelashes sold in the old orange box, black box or in sheets? - In Vietnam, when false eyelashes are made & inspected if the lash DOES NOT meet our quality control & consistency standards, they are either sold to the secondary market as irregulars or discarded in the garbage.  These are sub-par, low quality & irregulars.  Normally in the US, clothing manufacture would mark the items "irregular" & sell them to discount whole-sellers, dis-guard to garbage or sold at outlet stores.  Many people buy these "irregular" lashes, package them in counterfeit Model 21 Eyelashes boxes & resell them at dozens of flee markets in Vietnam.  Vietnamese Expats travel to Vietnam, purchase Model 21 Eyelashes in counterfeit & discontinued packaging & resell in the US, Canada & Australia.  In 2012 we specifically changed our logo & packaging to help identify those who are selling dis-guarded, sub-par lashes in Model 21 Eyelashes discontinued packaging.  Our new plastic trays & cover cost much more to produce which deters counterfeiters.  

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